Pool ID Card & Photo Procedures

New Members

New Members need to visit SYLS office to have photos taken for ID cards.Photo ID cards are required for all registered members ages 3+ by the end of the current calendar year.. 

  • Photos of all registered members can be available on a mobile device.
  • Proof of residency (ex. driver’s license, government issued ID card, utility bill, etc.) will be required prior to activating photo ID cards. 

Returning Members

  • Do not discard photo ID cards. All ID barcodes are reactivated once registered for the current season.
  • If you have lost or discarded your photo ID card, a replacement card will be issued to you for a $10 fee.

Senior, Youth and Leisure Services (SYLS) requires digital identification (ID) cards for all members. Digital cards eliminate the need to bring your card in for re-validation every year. Just keep your card safe over the winter and when you renew your membership, we’ll reactivate the card for the upcoming pool season. Members from last season will continue using the digital cards this year.

New Photos

All children turning 7, 11, and 16 will need to have new photos taken for the 2020 season. Children turning 3 by 12/31/2020, will be required to have photo taken this year for a digital card.

Replacement Cards

In the event a card is lost or misplaced a $10 replacement fee will be charged for each card.


No one will be permitted into the pools without a card. The digital cards use bar code scan technology at the entry areas of each pool to allow you and your family access to a summer of wet and wild fun!