Stormwater Management

The Township of Livingston is regulated under New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) Stormwater Tier A General Permit No: NJ0141852.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) polluted stormwater is a leading cause of pollution to water bodies throughout the United States.  This water pollution can result in the destruction of fish, wildlife, and aquatic habitats; a loss in aesthetic value and threats to public health due to contaminated food, drinking water supplies and recreational waterways.

But you can make simple changes to protect our waters:
     - Never dump oil, yard waste, animal waste or other litter and pollutants into the road or directly into catch basins.
     - Consider natural and low-maintenance yard plantings and landscaping that will minimize runoff.
     -  Preserve the established trees in your neighborhood.
     -  Minimize the amount of impervious surfaces such as walkways, patios and asphalt driveways.

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