Dog & Dog Park License

Applying for Licenses

Dog and cat licenses are renewable annually. Renewal applications are mailed in December and are due in January. New pets seven months of age or older must be licensed at this time or when this age is reached during the year. Application instructions are on the reverse side of the renewal form.


If rabies vaccination information or spay/neutering status has changed during the year, please include the veterinarian certification so that pet records may be updated. All required documentation and the appropriate fee must be submitted with the renewal form or everything will be returned to you. A rabies vaccination must have an expiration date valid through October 31st of the licensing year in order to purchase an animal license.

Late Fees

On March 1st, a $5 late fee will be charged for dog license renewals. There are no late fees charged for newly acquired dog and cat licenses received on or after March 1st.

Apply for a New Dog & Dog Park License

Please complete, print and return the application form (PDF) to the Livingston Health Department along with the following:

  • Proof of rabies vaccination valid through October 31st of the licensing year
  • Proof spaying / neutering (if applicable)

Livingston Dog Park

Visit the Livingston Dog Park page.


For after-hours emergencies, call Animal Control at 973-535-0532. They will contact an animal control officer.

Animal Control Non-Emergency/Animal Shelter is located at 81 Naylon Avenue The Animal Shelter is always happy to accept donations of pet items such as carriers, leashes, collars, beds, bleach, paper towels, cat/dog toys, treats, cat/dog food or any other items.

Redemption & Adoption

Occasionally, animals are lost or available for adoption. If you have lost an animal or are interested in adoption, please call the Livingston Animal Shelter at 973-535-0532 or look at our petfinder page.

Be a Good Pet Owner Neighbor

Make sure your dog cannot leave your property. Use a leash under 6 feet and have your dog under control when not on your property. Limit barking times to less than 15 minutes during the day and not at all at night. Always pick up after your pet. Do not allow your dog or cat on the neighbor’s property. Have your pets vaccinated against rabies.

Do not feed stray cats or other wildlife or place food outside.