Register a WaterSense Certified Smart Controller

Does your lawn irrigation system use a WaterSense Certified Smart Controller?

If so, register your system with the following steps:

  1. Check to make sure your product model is on the EPA's list of approved devices: WaterSense Product Search.  
  2. Complete and print the Smart Controller Registration Form
  3. Bring the completed Registration Form to the Township Clerk's office. The Clerk's office will double-check the model number for eligibility and will issue a WaterSense flag.
  4. Place the WaterSense flag on your lawn, either at the curbline or near the front steps or door, making sure it is visible from the street. 

Livingston’s WaterSense Partnership

The Township of Livingston is proud to have teamed with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WaterSense program to help save water and reduce costs on utility bills. WaterSense aims to decrease indoor and outdoor water use through water-efficient products and water-saving practices.

The program encourages customers to look for WaterSense labeled products, which are independently certified to use 20% less water and perform as well as or better than standard models.

Township Code

Livingston’s Township Code regulates days of the week and times of day that properties may water (quick guide: When Can I Water My Lawn?). This is an important step in improving our water-efficiency awareness. Those with WaterSense Certified Smart Controller systems are exempt from the day-of-week regulations. These specific Smart Controller systems sense the level of moisture in the soil, only allowing the irrigation system to water when actually needed. Decreasing our overall water use means not having have to buy as much water at high rates during peak periods.

More Information

For technical questions about WaterSense controllers, email the Water Department or contact Lauren Karpinski in the Water Department at 973-535-7951.

For questions about registering a WaterSense controller, email the Clerk's Department or contact the Town Clerk at 973-535-7940.

WaterSense Label

Other product categories eligible for the WaterSense label include

  • Bathroom faucets and accessories
  • Flushing urinals
  • Pre-rinse spray
  • Shower heads
  • Toilets
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers

WaterSense also offers a label for new single-family homes and multi-family units that include WaterSense labeled products, efficient hot water delivery systems, water-smart landscapes, and other water-efficient features. In addition, WaterSense labels programs that certify landscape irrigation professionals that highlight water-efficient practices.

WaterSense Official