Trails & Greenways

Regular Meetings

7:30 – 8:30 PM

3rd Tuesday of every month

Livingston Senior/Community Center

204 Hillside Avenue

Livingston, NJ 07039

Meeting Dates (2018)

  • March 20th
  • April 17th
  • May 15th
  • June 19th
  • July 17th
  • August 21st
  • September 18th
  • October 16th
  • November 20th
  • December 18th
Trails and Greenways Activity


Richard A. Cornell, PE Chairperson

Shawn R. Klein, MD Council Liaison

Walter LeVine

Debbie Weinstein

Steven Kwiat

Action Plan

This action plan sets the goals of the Livingston Township Trails and Greenways Committee.   The purpose of the plan is to build and maintain a high quality system of Parks, Trials and Greenways that will increase the desirability of residing and raising families in Livingston.

Trail Around Livingston (TAL)

Work with the Livingston Open Space Trust Committee to connect recreation destination points in Livingston by a system of trails and greenways so that hikers,  kayakers, walkers and cyclists can  have interesting and long enough hikes, paddles and rides to a diverse set of points of interest to maintain their long term enjoyment and conservation of the natural resources of Livingston.

Inventory and Maintain Records of Existing Parks, Recreation Areas, Trails and Open Space

Use modern technology ie. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GPS technology to maintain an inventory and maintenance history of parks, trails and greenways. This would involve interfacing with Livingston High School Teachers and their students who study such technology. Their tasks  as part of their class work would be to maintain Livingston Township park, trail and greenway data layers and GPS points. The goal would be give students who successfully pass their course and project work credentials to work in the engineering and environmental sciences professions as entry level GIS specialists and to maintain the Townships records.  This would include preparing and maintaining a consistent set of Livingston Park, Trail and Greeway brochures and maps.

Maintain Existing Trails and Parks

Work with the Livingston Open Space Trust Committee, Department of Public Works. Community organizations and businesses to set up funding and labor sources that will maintain Livingston’s Park, Trail and Greenway assets.

Proposed Passaic River Kayak Launch Area at Okner Sports Complex on Okner Parkway

Work with Open Space Trust Committee  to build a TAL destination kayak and canoe launch, rental and storage area on the Passaic River for Livingston residents. Proposed location is the Okner Sports Complex on Okner Parkway.

Proposed Riker Hill Park Observation Deck

Work with Open Space Committee and Essex County to build an observation point destination above top trees to take advantage of the spectacular 360 degree views from the sites of the former radar towers. Connect this observation point to TAL.

Coordination with Essex County on restoring full access to Lenape Trail destinations

Work with Essex County and surrounding towns to restore Lenape trail and connect with TAL, Essex County Environmental Center in Roseland and South Mountain Reservation. 

Trail and Greenway Security and Design Standards

Work with Open Space Trust Committee and Livingston Police, Engineering and Public Works Departments to prepare security and design standards for trail location, signage, construction, patrolling and maintenance.  This would include addressing adjacent property owners legitimate concerns.