Tennis / Pickleball Courts - Usage Guidelines

No Reservations Needed

There are no reservations for the tennis/pickleball courts. Play is limited to one hour per match.

Players simply arrive; if there are individuals already playing, they must leave the court no more than one hour after the new players arrive. 

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in adhering to this and following the COVID-19 rules. 

Tennis and Pickleball Courts: COVID-19 Rules

  1. All players must maintain social distancing (no closer than 6’ to other players).
  2. Players should use their own hand sanitizer before and after play.
  3. Singles only, no doubles. Only 2 players allowed per court with no guests or spectators on court.
  4. Only Livingston residents and their guests may use the courts.
  5. Court hours at all locations are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  6. To maximize court availability to all residents, court time is limited to 1 hour per match.
  7. Players must vacate the court immediately after they have finished playing.
  8. Players should stay on one side of the court for the duration of a match; do not switch ends.
  9. Players should only touch their own equipment (i.e. racquet, tennis or pickle balls, towels) and should avoid touching fences, gates, nets, etc.  
  10. Only serve and play your own ball. Do not touch errant balls from another court.
  11. Consider spraying balls briefly with a disinfectant spray.
  12. Players should primarily hit from the baseline and avoid net play unless other player is on baseline.
  13. DO NOT congregate near court entrances when waiting and wait until the prior players have fully exited the court before entering the courts.
  14. It is recommended to wear a face covering prior to and after playing. It is also recommended to wear a face covering while playing if possible.
  15. If you or your family members have displayed any symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, do not come to the courts to play tennis and/or pickleball.

View/download COVID-19 Rules for Tennis and Pickleball Courts (PDF) 

More Information

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