• Campers Standing Together Holding Yarn
  • Campers Standing in a Circle
  • Campers Sitting Together
  • Campers Sitting Together in a Circle
  • Campers Sitting by a Fire
  • Campers Playing Inside
  • Campers Playing a Game
  • Campers Playing a Game with Yarn
  • Campers Doing Crafts
  • Camper Sitting on a Couch
  • Camp Bernie Campers Sitting Together
  • Camp Bernie Camper in a Chair
  • Two Campers Sitting Together
  • Two Campers Sitting by a Fireplace
  • Three Male Campers Standing Together
  • Three Campers
  • Male Camper
  • Group of Campers Sitting and Standing Together
  • Group of Camp Bernie Kids
  • Campers Together

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