Live Life Laughing

Laughter is perhapsthe only single exercise routine that helps to ease physical, mentaland emotional stress all at the same time. You are more powerfulthan you know, and your thoughts and actions create your life. 

Inthis weekly laughter yoga we utilize the practice of laughter,playfulness, affirmations, yogic breathing and connectionto increase our inner joy and our inner power. This laughterpractice builds resilience, which helps us choose positivity overnegativity, thus impacting our entire life.

Come laugh each week and see how your lifeimproves. Medical clearance required for women who are pregnantand anyone taking medication under doctor supervision.Limit: 12Instructor: Joan Castellano, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

2020 Watch for Fall 2020

Winter Day: Tues Time: 7 - 7:55 pm Dates: 2/4 - 3/3
Fees: Seniors
Resident: $20.70
Resident: $41.40
Non-resident: $33.60
Non-resident: $54.00
Senior Rate 62+