Community Planning Calendar: Burbio

A Comprehensive Community Calendar 

The Burbio Community Planning Calendar pulls all of the events and programs for all calendars from all Township groups.

Ideal for Scheduling!

This Community Planning Calendar is the perfect calendar to look at if you're trying to choose a date/time for an event or program and want to be sure it doesn't conflict with any others in town.

The RSS feeds from the online calendars created and populated by our schools, official Township, committees, sports and other organizations all feed this "Community Planning Calendar". 

Please keep in mind: Because some events or programs are on multiple different calendars, they are pulled through several different RSS feeds and therefore may show up multiple times on the same day on this Community Planning Calendar. 

What's the Difference?

Community-Wide Calendar

The Livingston Township Community-Wide Burbio Calendar accessible through the website home page is a curated calendar.

Duplicate listings have been removed and items from some selected additional organizations of interest -- for example, the Essex County Environmental Center, Essex County Utilities Authority Recycling Days, or Turtle Back Zoo -- are included.

Community Planning Calendar

The Livingston Community Planning Calendar from Burbio allows users to see a complete listing of every single event or program or event that has been posted to any calendar.

This calendar gives a "month-at-a-glance" view of every item posted to every public organizational calendar associated with Livingston, allowing users to identify potential conflicts before scheduling their date.