2019 LCEA for JCP&L Customers

UPDATE: August 2020

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Program for Electric Utility Customers in JCP&L Territory

The Township has recently awarded a contract for the Livingston Community Energy Aggregation (“LCEA”) program. Under this program, Livingston has signed a contract with Constellation New Energy that will offer Township residents in JCP&L service territory the opportunity to receive power supply that has over 40% renewable energy content (nearly twice the renewable energy content of JCP&L-supplied power) at price that is lower than the JCP&L tariff price!  

In accordance with NJ State Regulations [N.J.A.C. 14:4-6.6 (i)], residents must be automatically enrolled (unless they already have a third-party supplier or utilize solar power). However, residents are not obligated to participate in the program and may ‘opt-out’ easily at any time if they so choose. Eligible residents will be receiving a package in the mail from Constellation New Energy providing program details. 

More information for JCP&L customers will be available here, including a program description and answers to frequently asked questions. 

April 25th Presentation for JCP&L Customers

Residents in JCP&L territory were encouraged to attend the open public meeting about energy aggregation at Livingston Town Hall, 357 S. Livingston Avenue, on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 8:30 pm. 

The meeting consisted of a brief presentation by Constellation New Energy followed by a public question and answer session and was filmed by LTV. Watch it below: