Lock It or Lose It

The biggest factor in preventing vehicle theft is YOU!

Avoid being a victim of vehicle-related crime. Always:

  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle, no matter where you are parking it
  • Take your key or fob with you.

Don’t be a victim!

Lock it or lose it official image - words on black car

Did you know...

Individuals who take the time to lock their vehicles are less likely to be the victim of auto-related crimes.

Approximately 60% of all thefts from vehicles are preventable.

Thieves overwhelmingly steal vehicles that are not locked -- even if they’re in a homeowner’s private driveway or even inside a garage that’s left open.

Some vehicles have side-view mirrors that fold in when they’re locked and the key is not in the vehicle. Thieves may be able to tell from a distance whether or not your vehicle is a good target.

Items "hidden" under seats (such as a purse or computer) may still be visible and attract a thief.

Thieves aren’t looking for something in particular -- they’re looking for everything.

Once a thief manages to steal anything containing your personal information, including a social security number, you are in danger of also becoming a victim of identity theft.