Emergency Preparedness

Right Now:

Sign up for Livingston's Rave Alert/Smart911 Emergency Alert System and make sure you're signed up to get critical information on the latest Township and Police updates by:

  • phone call
  • email
  • text message

Then, follow the Township on:

Emergencies Can Happen Any Time

Emergencies don't just occur when you're ready for them -- they can happen any time. It is important that your entire family is prepared for emergencies and disasters before they happen. Being prepared ahead of time and well informed about how to best handle a disaster/emergency can help keep you and your family safe. 

Have a Plan

The first step in preparing for a disaster is having a discussion with your family members about different kinds of emergencies or disasters that could occur. Your discussion should include things like evacuation plans, emergency kit supplies, and communication plans in the event that you are separated. For more information on emergency plans, visit ready.gov/plan

It's also important to plan ahead for any family members with disabilities who may need more assistance during an emergency. For information about making sure that individuals with disabilities are prepared for emergencies, visit ready.gov/disability

Pets are a big part of your family, so don't forget to include them in your emergency plan. For information about how to make sure your pet is prepared for an emergency, visit ready.gov/pets.

Have Emergency Supplies Ready at Home

For more information about emergency kits in your home, visit ready.gov/kit.

Keep an Emergency Kit in your Vehicle

For information about emergency kits in your vehicle visit, The National Safety Council.

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

For disaster/emergency information and resources specific to New Jersey, visit ready.nj.gov.

To learn more about various emergencies and disasters that can occur and how to prepare for them, visit ready.gov and redcross.org