Storm Cleanup Completed

Township Post-Storm Cleanup: Tropical Storm Isaias

The Township Department of Public Works has made one sweep through town to pick up storm-related branches and debris. Trucks will not return.

Property owners with additional branches/debris are responsible for their proper disposal.

  • Residents had until Sunday night, August 9, 2020 to put storm-related branches and debris at the curb.
  • Pickups began on Monday, August 10 and continued until each street had been collected.
  • Pickups were be done according to Leaf Collection Sections.
  • Trucks went through each street in each section once only to pick up branches and debris. 
  • Residents were NOT to put grass clippings, flowers, shrubs or other non-storm-related items at the curb with their storm-related branches and debris. Only storm-damaged branches and debris have been picked up.

2017 Leaf Collection Map

Property Owners Responsible for Additional Tree & Debris Removal

Following Tropical Storm Isaias, the Township was removing trees and limbs that were down within the public right of way. Township crews worked diligently to remove trees, limbs and storm-related debris from all roadways as quickly as possible.

Now that cleanup is completed on Township roads, property owners are responsible for properly disposing of trees and limbs that have fallen on their property. They must then arrange privately for the removal and disposal of larger limbs and trees that remain on their property.