Inclement Weather: No Garbage/Recycling Pickup 

Safety First:

Snow, Ice & Other Hazards

When there is snow, ice, or other significant storm or substantial inclement weather, garbage and recycling collection may not be completed. 

Following are the general rules to follow if your pickup has been missed, potentially due to inclement weather:

Garbage: If your garbage is not picked up due to inclement weather, it will be picked up on your next regularly scheduled garbage collection day.

Recycling: If your recycling is not picked up due to inclement weather, typically the collector will return the next day, if conditions permit. Leave your recycling containers on the curb, out of the street until the next day, unless you are notified otherwise.

Specific updates will be posted on our website home page.


If you have further questions about missed pickups, please contact the appropriate collection vendor:

Inclement weather can make roads hazardous

If roads are slippery, flooded or otherwise dangerous or unsafe for travel, garbage and recycling pickup trucks will not drive on them. Some parts of Livingston are relatively flat, but many portions of town are on some side of a hill, making road travel potentially even more difficult.

Residents' responsibilities in inclement winter weather:

  • Always keep vehicles, garbage/recycling cans, basketball hoops and everything else out of the street so that plows can effectively clear roads curb to curb. 
  • Shovel out around fire hydrants and sewer grates near your property
  • Shovel sidewalks adjacent to your property 
  • Do NOT under any circumstances shovel, plow, push, or otherwise place snow into the street.