Lead Service-Line Inventory

Take the "Report My Service Line" Survey:

1. Follow the instructions for How to Identify your Water Service-Line Material (PDF)

2. Open the Lead Service-Line Inventory Map

  • Click on your address
  • Click on the link called Report My Service Line
  • Fill in the required information and submit the form 

Why are we doing this?

The New Jersey State Legislature recently passed P.L.2021, Ch. 183, a law enforced by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) which requires that all lead and galvanized waterlines be inventoried and replaced over the next ten (10) years. This is a preventative program to remove lines that can -- under some circumstances -- lead to elevated lead levels in water. This does not mean that your property has lead action-level exceedance.

The overwhelming majority of the service lines within the Township are comprised of copper and/or plastic, galvanized services are occasionally found -- especially on the customer side of the service. While galvanized are not comprised of lead, the NJDEP considers them equivalent to lead for tracking purposes. Lead services are very rarely found and when they are, efforts are made to replace them as soon as possible. Please note a portion of the service line is owned by the customer and a portion of the service line is owned by the utility. If the customer side is found to be lead or galvanized, they will be responsible for replacing that portion of the line. Please go to the Utility Service-Line Ownership page for more information about water service line ownership.

The current inventory number are below. This summary below will be updated periodically.  

  • Non-Lead Lines - 2,278
  • Lead or Galvanized - 2
  • Lead Status Unknown - 8,557
  • Total Number of Service Lines - 10,837

To find out the material of the service line for a specific property, check the Lead Service-Line Inventory Map. Customers are encouraged to complete the "Report My Service Line" survey. This helps the utility track the customer side of the water service and update the inventory records. Instructions for identifying the service material can be found on the How to Identify your Water Service-Line Material (PDF) page.