Trees in Road Right-of-Way

If there are trees in the road right-of-way (10 feet back from the road) that need to be removed, please Submit a Service Request. An employee of the Department of Public Works will perform a site inspection to determine if the tree is maintained by the Township or is the responsibility of the property owner.

Tree Removal Requirements

As required by Ordinance 33-2011, A Tree Removal Permit is required for the removal of any tree(s) meeting the following criteria:

  • Deciduous Trees: A tree having a caliper (diameter) in excess of four (4) inches or a height in excess of ten (10) feet.
  • Coniferous Trees: A tree in excess of eight (8) feet in height.

A Tree Removal Permit or Tree Removal Exemption Permit is required for cutting any tree over four inches in diameter, measured at four and half feet from the ground up the base of the trunk of the tree. You may qualify for an exemption provided no more three trees less than twenty inches in diameter per year can be removed from your property and only one of these trees can be in your front yard. If you qualify you must still submit an application before any work in done. The application fee for this permit is $150, depending on the size of the property; you may need escrow and depending the location of the tree, there may be a performance guarantee fee. 

More Information

Any Question on obtaining a Tree Removal Permit or an Exemption please email Michele Gonzalez-Pose.

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