LTown Film

Thank you for your interest in filming in  Livingston! 

Livingston has many locations appropriate for filming any movie or television show; there are over 14 square miles of land including historical sites rooted in the foundation of New Jersey. Livingston is home to over 30,000 residents, with a strong community based in volunteering. 

Download the Application for Motion Picture/Television filming (PDF) and submit the completed form to the Clerk's office: 

  • download and save the PDF
  • open the file 
  • complete the form
  • save your changes 

If you complete the form in your browser window, your responses will not be saved.


Anyone interested in filming in Livingston must fill out the Filming Permit Application (PDF) and submit it to the Livingston Township Clerk's Office. 


For all rules and regulations, review the Township Ordinance Regarding Filming (PDF).


Fees for filming in Livingston:

  • Regular Application: $100
  • Expedited Application: $150
  • Filming on Public Land: $250
  • Non-profit Organization: $50
  • Daily Filming Fee (non-profits exempt): $250