Register for My360 Portal

We are excited to introduce the Livingston My360 Portal from Neptune Technology Group. 

The My360 portal isNTG-my360-moretheysee-social easy-to-use and allows you to monitor your water consumption on-demand, 24/7, with intuitive charts and graphs. You’ll also be able to find answers to questions about your water consumption without having to call or visit the utility. The website can be used in desktop or mobile version (currently there is no app). Registration is free. Have your utility bill handy. You will need your account number and either your full name or street address.

Please note for your account number it must be typed as written on your bill, except the hyphen “-“ must be a space “ “. In other words, for account number “123456-0” it should be typed as “123456 0”. Omitting the “0” will result in you linking to an inactive version of your account that does not have current data.

Log-in or Register now by clicking here (please have utility bill on hand)

Your information is secure

  • The information you provide will only be for the purposes of linking you to your water meter data.
  • Your information is not shared, sold, or made available for use by outside individuals or entities.

Benefits of an Account

  • Easily view and manage your water usage 24/7
  • Access from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Monitor multiple properties from one account
  • Manage multiple meters to get a better understanding of your water usage
  • Set out-of-town alerts to monitor consumption and detect excess consumption events
  • Create water threshold alerts to set a water budget, help save water, and eliminate bill surprises

For any questions regarding the My360 portal please email