Office of the Municipal Clerk

The Office of the Municipal Clerk in New Jersey serves the public, and acts as a liaison between the Governing Body and the Community. The Municipal Clerk is one of four statutory positions in Municipal Government, and Municipal Clerks must achieve and maintain certification through education and testing.

There are six core duties of the Municipal Clerk:

1) Secretary of the Municipal Corporation - Maintain custody of the municipal seal; maintain all agendas and minutes as well as archival records; and maintain custody of all official records not specifically handled by other departments

2) Secretary to the Governing Body - Prepare meeting agendas; prepare meeting minutes; and other duties imposed by state statutes and regulations (i.e. publication and noticing of public meetings, ordinances, and resolutions)

3) Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections held in the Municipality

4) Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality (Please note: the County processes all voter registration applications)

5) Administrative Officer - Licensing and permitting for filming, garage sales, solicitors, bingos and raffles, taxis and limos, liquor licenses, and landlord registrations

6) Custodian of Records - Responsible for responding to Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests