Safety Plans

  • Create a Home Fire Safety Plan for emergency escape, and practice it regularly.
  • As part of your plan, ensure that all occupants, including small children, know at least two ways out of each room.
  • Ensure that all windows or doors are operational and are not painted closed.
  • Routinely check the alarm system and conduct emergency evacuation drills, especially with children.
  • In the event of a fire, once you’re out of your house, stay out; do not re-enter the residence or attempt to retrieve personal items; remember "Get out, Stay Out."
  • Establish a pre-determined meeting place away from the residence, but not across a street, for all family members/occupants to meet in the event of a fire or other emergency evacuation.
  • The Fire Prevention Bureau instructs school aged children fire safety at school; please go over what they are taught and practice it at home.

For additional fire safety information, email the Fire Prevention Bureau.