Police Records Division

Motor Vehicle Accidents & General Complaint Reports

Accident Reports and General Complaint Reports are available for a fee. 

Generally, records will be available during normal business hours within five business days. If a requested document is not a public record, you will be advised. View Police Records Fee Schedule (PDF).

Public Records

The term “public record” generally includes those records determined to be public in accordance with NJ.SA. 47:1A-1. For additional information, visit the State of New Jersey’s website.

Temporary Handicapped Parking Placard

You may obtain a temporary handicapped parking placard through the Records Division. You must obtain an application from the Division and have your physician certify the application. 

The application must be completed by a licensed physician or it will not be accepted. Return the completed application to the Records Division along with a $4 check or money order made out to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. For more information, please contact 973-992-3000, ext. 3400.

Please note that permanent handicapped parking placards may only be obtained through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.