Purchaser ID Card & Handgun Purchase Permit

Identification Card

If you are obtaining a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and / or Handgun Purchase Permit for the first time, you must submit the following:

  1. Forms
  2. Fees
  3. Fingerprinting

Form STS-33 in Duplicate

This is the dual application form for the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and the Permit to Purchase a Handgun. This extensive questionnaire-type form is where you will provide the names and addresses of two reputable persons with whom you are presently acquainted but not related to.

If you plan to purchase a handgun, you must also enter the number of permits for which you are applying. Pistol permits are initially valid for ninety days and may be renewed for an additional ninety days.

Form SP-66 in Duplicate

This is the Consent for Mental Health Records Search which allows authorities to look into whether you were ever institutionalized.

Permit to Carry a Handgun

A permit to carry is required for any handgun—concealed or not—and it must be renewed every 2 years. Only one permit needs to be obtained for all such handguns.

Additional Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun, you must also:

  • Have a “justifiable need to carry a handgun”
  • Include endorsements from three individuals attesting to your good moral character and ability to exercise self-control
  • Provide a description and serial number for every handgun you intend to carry
  • Supply proof of your familiarity with handguns


Issuance of this permit is almost completely discretionary and New Jersey has a policy of strictly limiting permits to “persons specifically employed in security work…and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection.”

State Application

You must complete a State of New Jersey Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun (form SP-642) in triplicate. All references must know the applicant for a minimum of three years prior to the date of the application.