Council-Manager Government

Did you know that the most widely used and desirable form of government in the United States is the Council-Manager? Well, it’s true!

This type of governance allows for professional local management, and Livingston has a 53-year legacy of which it can be proud. In 1957, voters here adopted the Council-Manager form of government, which was formed under the Optional Municipal Charter Law, also known as the Faulkner Act.

Under the Council-Manager Form, the Township Council is elected at large to staggered 4-year terms and serves as the Township’s legislative body. Council members are the policy leaders elected to represent the community and to concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to the community they serve.

Role of the Council

Overall, the Township Council is the legislative body for the Township. Its role is to adopt laws and policies to govern the Township. The Council leaves implementation up the Township Manager and the rest of the Township Staff.

Role of the Manager

The Township Manager is a qualified specialist with training and experience in administering local government projects and programs. The Manager also hires department heads and employees with specialized knowledge, experience and expertise that allow them to direct and carry out their day-to-day responsibilities and longer-term projects for the Township.

The Council

  • Appoints board and committee members
  • Appoints non-employee professionals, such as the Township Attorney
  • Appoints the Township Manager and Township Clerk
  • Approves contracts
  • Establishes local laws
  • Reviews, changes, and adopts the municipal budget

View more about the responsibilities of the Mayor, Council Members, and Township Manager (PDF).