Metal Collection

Reminder:  TVs and Computer screens are Electronics       

They will NOT be picked up as either Bulk Garbage or Metal Recycling.                                  

Computer and TV Screens are electronics and are not picked up with metal recycling

Metal Pickup is temporarily unavailable due to a holiday

Metal recycling pickup includes refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, microwaves, grills, air conditioners, metal dehumidifiers, basketball hoops, treadmills, exercise bikes, metal file cabinets, patio furniture, and emptied helium tanks.

Weekly Metal Collection

  • Register up until noon on any Thursday for Metal Collection the next day, Friday, except in cases of holiday or weather-related issues.
  • Registration will be unavailable when there is a holiday. 

Propane Tanks Not Accepted

Please note that we do not pick up propane tanks. These must be returned to a Home Depot location or wherever you typically get your propane tank refilled. 

Contact Information

The contact and pickup information on this page relates to metal recycling only.

Electronics (including TVs and rechargeable batteries) must be disposed of at an Electronics Recycling Event.

Paper and Commingled items are collected by Waste Industries, which can be contacted at 908-436-1966. View Recycling Zones (Street List) or additional recycling information.