Yard Waste

Yard Waste: What it is & How to Handle it

Yard waste refers to:

  • Branches, Tree Limbs and Brush 
    • How to handle these:  Cut to 4 ft. maximum length and 50 lb. maximum weight and tie in easily handled bundles. Bundles should not contain any difficult-to-handle sections that might endanger either the equipment or the workers. These should be cut down further into more manageable pieces.
      • NOTE: Logs or stumps will not be accepted.
  • Grass Clippings 
    • How to handle these:  Bag grass clippings securely in black contractor bags weighing no more than 50 lbs. Leave the bags at the curb according to the Yard Waste Pickup Frequency guide below.
  • Leaves 
    • How to handle these:  From April 1 through October 30, bag leaves securely in black contractor bags weighing no more than 50 lbs. and leave the bags at the curb. NOTE: No leaves will be picked up with yard waste during the period of the Township's Leaf Collection Program.

Yard Waste Pickup Frequency 

Livingston's garbage collection vendor RTS provides yard waste collection as follows:

  • twice-per-week collection:  April 1 through October 30
  • once-per-week collection:  November through March 31.

Remember: During the Township's Fall Leaf Collection Program from late October through early December, leaves must be put on the curbline as directed on the Leaf Collection Program page, and will be picked up separately by the Township's Department of Public Works. No other items should be put at the curb with the leaves. Other yard waste should still be disposed of with regular household garbage on the second pickup day of the week.