Livingston Animal Shelter

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The Livingston Animal Shelter is run by the Animal Control Division of the Livingston Police Department.  


The Shelter is located at 81 Naylon Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey.


The Livingston Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter. We take in and care for lost animals until their owners are found or, in some cases, until the animals are adopted. 

The officially appointed Animal Shelter Committee supports Animal Control and can assist with fostering and adoptions. 

The independent Friends of the Livingston Animal Shelter volunteer committee works to raise funds and supplies for the shelter as they are needed.

Individuals interested in volunteering must complete and submit the appropriate forms, as described on the Animal Shelter Volunteer page.

Animals for Adoption 

Occasionally, the Shelter has animals available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting, please visit the Livingston Petfinder page