Public Works

The primary function of the Public Works Department is maintaining municipal roads, curbs, storm drains, and shade trees. Here are just some of the jobs handled by our Public Works Department employees:

  • Assisting other Township Departments as needed.
  • Collecting and disposing of approximately 38,000 cubic yards of leaves every fall.
  • Conducting a catch basin cleaning program that includes annually inspecting and cleaning over 3,100 catch basins, as needed.
  • Conducting a curb repair program from the Spring through the Summer.
  • Conducting the metal recycling collection.
  • Conducting a street sweeping program from April through October.
  • Conducting a year-round road and pothole repair program.
  • Conducting a year-round tree trimming, removal and planting program.
  • Maintaining parks and athletic fields.
  • Maintaining sidewalks on Township property.
  • Plowing all Township roads and school parking lots, including cleaning snow from public-owned sidewalks and municipal facilities.
  • Providing direction and supervision for the Division of Water and Sewer.
  • Providing street sign maintenance.
  • Responding to work orders generated as the result of citizen service requests.
  • Supervising an annual crack sealing and microsurfacing program.