About Us

Welcome to the Township of Livingston Engineering Department. We are committed to improving the quality of life for each of our residents through diligent oversight of the operation, maintenance and improvement of the Township’s infrastructure in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

Our Mission

The mission of the Engineering Department is to responsibly manage the improvements, maintenance and operation of Township facilities and infrastructure. The Department will achieve this mission by providing high quality and efficient engineering, planning and construction management services to the Township; while providing related services for other Township departments, residents, businesses and visitors.

The Department strives to provide good customer service, to continuously improve the services that it provides and to fully support the overall goals of the Township.

Our Responsibilities

The Engineering Department oversees the construction activities within the Township Right-of-Ways to insure the safety of the general public. This includes the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of Township facilities including roads, utilities (water, storm and sanitary sewer), parks, buildings and any other Township infrastructure.


Some of the specific services of the Engineering Department are:

  • Design of infrastructure improvements by preparing plans and specifications for public bidding in accordance with all local, state and federal standards. Funding for these projects is secured through Capital funds and grants.
  • Issuance of road opening permits and inspections to insure compliance with local standards.
  • Review of applications submitted for approval to the Livingston Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.
  • Responds to requests from the public on a variety of requests and issues information on flood zones, permitting and other engineering documents.
  • Ensures environmental compliance on all improvements to local, state and federal requirements. This includes reviewing all residential and commercial development applications for compliance with floodplain, wetland, steep slope and riparian buffer requirements.
  • Establishes engineering standards for all improvements and maintains the Townships tax maps and Geographic Information System.
  • Supervised and provides support services to the Department of Public Works, Water Department, Sewer Department and Water Pollution Control Facility.
  • Review and inspection of applications for Lot Surface Drainage and Sump Pump ordinance compliance to insure that adjoining properties are protected from runoff associated with new development.
  • Issuance of soil removal permits and inspections to insure compliance with local standards.
  • Insuring compliance with state and federal Storm water Management requirements.
  • Perform searches for public information in response to OPRA requests.