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LTV This Week:   February 14 - 20, 2019

Comcast Ch. 34 / Fios Ch. 26


Be sure to check out or flagship talk show AROUND TOWN for everything Livingston.

We also have a new installment of our talk show CLERGY CORNER.  

LTV Sports regularly presents the best of LHS Lancers athletics, youth sports and more from around Livingston.

If you didn't attend in person, catch Town Council Meetings on LTV.

Please visit our Facebook page to see installments of our digital series, WHAT'S HAPPENING IN LIVINGSTON.


Talk Shows

  • Around Town (#204): LHS Orientation Night; Teachers Discuss Electives for Incoming Freshman.
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  6:30A/4:00P/7:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  8:00A/12:30P;
  • Clergy Corner:  1. Panel: Prayer In School & 2. Building Bridges: Police/Active Shooters 
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  7:00A/12:00P/5:00P/11:30P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  9:00A/12:00P/6:30P; 

Township Affairs

  • Town Council Meeting, 12/17/18
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  10:00A/7:30P;

Arts & Entertainment

  • Gazebo Concert 2018: B-Street Band
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  2:30A; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  12:00A/9:30A; 


  • Lancer HS Sports
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  12:30P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  3:00A/1:00P/8:00P;
  • Livingston Cricket Assn/Sanskriti of NJ:  Cricket Day 2018 & July 4th Cricket
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  6:00A/8:00A/4:30P/11:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  5:30A/8:30A/11:30A/6:00P;
  • Sports Takeover (Sports Talk)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  12:00A/3:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  2:00A/3:30P/7:00P;


  • AM Wired (LHS)
    • Weekdays: 7:50A
  • LHS Lip Sync Competition 2018
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  1:00A/4:30A/8:30A/5:30P/9:30P;
    •  Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  6:00A/4:30P/10:30P;

Additional Information

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