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LTV This Week:   August 8-14, 2019

Comcast Ch. 34 / Fios Ch. 26


** NEW: Livingston Police Department's "Citizens Police Academy"

** NEW: Summer Gazebo Concerts 2019!

** NEW: Aiming High with Darren Prince

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 Our recurring Talk Shows:  1. AROUND TOWN (for everything Livingston) and 2. CLERGY CORNER (for interesting discussions among a panel of local-area clergy members).

LTV Sports:  for the best of LHS Lancers athletics, youth sports and more from around Livingston.

Town Council Meetings: to catch up on township affairs.

What's Happening in Livingston:   Visit our Facebook page for our digital series of short-form videos where active members of the community tell us...what's happening in Livingston


Arts & Entertainment

  • Summer Gazebo Concert 2019: "Epic Soul” (7/7/19)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  12:00A/12:00P/5:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  5:30A/8:00A/1:00P/9:00P;
  • Summer Gazebo Concert 2019: "Joey Arminio Family Band” (7/14/19)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  4:30A/9:00A/2:00P/8:30P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  1:00A/10:30A/4:30P;
  • Riker Hill Art Park: Open Studios 2018
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  3:30A/7:00A/1:30P/6:30P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  3:30A/12:00P/6:00P/11:30P;  


  • Livingston Police Department’s "Citizens Police Academy" (**NEW**)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  2:30A/8:00A/11:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  2:30A/7:00A/2:30P/6:30P/10:30P;
  • Aiming High with Darren Prince
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  1:30A/6:00A/11:00A/4:00P/10:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  12:00A/4:30A/9:30A/3:30P/7:30P;
  • Livingston Spotlight: Volunteer Way - Township Committees
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  4:00A/7:30A/10:30A/3:30P/7:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  4:00A/12:30P/8:30P;
  • Memorial Day Ceremony & Parade 2019
    • Watch it on-demand at (Click “LTV”);  

Township  Affairs

  • Livingston’s Energy Aggregation Presentations for PSE&G and JCP&L customers, 4/25/19
    • Watch it on-demand at (Click “LTV”);
  • Livingston’s Tax Revaluation Forum (2/27/19-full program and 3/6/19-Q&A)
  • Town Council Meeting
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  7:30P;

Talk Shows

  • Around Town: On Hiatus but Coming Soon to "LTV Online"
  • Clergy Corner:  On Hiatus but Coming Soon to "LTV Online"

Additional Information

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