Consumer Affairs Office

In addition to providing services to the residents of Livingston, we also provide services to consumers throughout Essex County, the State of New Jersey, and the United States. Our work touches the lives of local citizens nearly every day.


If you believe you have been the victim of a fraud or feel that you have a legitimate complaint, the Division of Consumer Affairs wants to hear from you.

Reach them by using the email address and phone numbers located on their contact information page, or file a complaint with this complaint form.


The Consumer Affairs mission is simple:

  • Blanket the state with consumer education
  • Make our operations consumer-friendly to the public when they contact us
  • Mediate disputes between residents and others with local businesses
  • Protect citizens from consumer fraud

Consumer Alerts

Be sure to check this web page regularly for news and information on various consumer-related topics, in addition to important alerts on the latest frauds and scams.

Consumer Information

Most transactions in today’s marketplace are regulated by Consumer Affairs. Many of the complaints we receive involve auto purchase, lease or repair; home repair and improvements; home furnishings and appliances; securities, investment and financial frauds (including the fast-growing problem of identity theft); and telemarketing and Internet frauds.

Check with the State Office of Consumer Affairs if you are concerned about the qualifications of a particular vendor. By visiting their website, you can find out about the qualifications or performance of any of the more than half million people licensed in nearly 80 professions and occupations regulated by their Professional and Occupational Boards. The State Office of Consumer Affairs can tell you whether the license is current and whether any complaints have been filed against the individual. The Better Business Bureau website can also provide helpful information.

Other Resources

In addition to the information posted here, the State Office of Consumer Affairs allows you to:

We are dedicated to being a consumer-friendly agency, and we encourage you to take advantage of our many services.