Emergency & Police Alerts

Livingston uses the Smart911/Rave Alert Emergency Notification System 

Text Messages, Emails & Phone Calls

Livingston uses Smart911 combined with the RAVE Alert system as its Emergency Notification System. This allows Township Employees to quickly alert residents to emergencies and townwide situations, including severe storm warnings, road closures or water issues in the local area.

PLEASE NOTE:  Not all notifications are sent using all delivery methods. In order to receive the most up-to-date information, register to receive information through all three methods: phone call, email and text message.

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  • The information you provide will only be for the purposes of providing information to you, such as emergency alerts, information and communications.
  • Your information is not shared, sold, or made available for use by outside individuals or entities.

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  1. TYPES of Alerts
  2. Why Register?

Critical information when you need it:

  • Water maintenance and outages
  • Utility outages
  • Fires or floods
  • Road construction on Township roadways
  • Police emergencies

The Rave Alert System

The Township uses the Rave Alert to keep our residents and businesses informed in cases of emergency. We also use the system to let our citizens know about other important, timely, non-emergency information.  

Rave Alert is a high-speed notification program that can deliver pre-recorded messages to the entire community via landline telephone, cell phone, email and text messaging. 

Benefits of an Account

The Rave Alert system uses a publicly available list of phone numbers for both residents and businesses. However:

  • Cell phone numbers and email addresses are not in the system.
  • Some phone numbers are not in the system.
  • Text messages and emails will not be sent unless you select that option within the system.
  • You can tailor the types of non-emergency messages you receive. 
  • You can add, change, or remove your contact information from the system at any time. 

Make sure you and your family are informed in case of emergency:

  • Register for an account or sign into an existing account through the Smart911/Rave Alert portal 
    • add the cell phone numbers and email addresses for yourself and all of your family members