Fire Truck

History of the Livingston Fire Department

The Livingston Fire Department was formed in November of 1921 following a meeting of the Livingston Gun Club. The town was extremely rural at the time and did not have an organized form of fighting fires. Buckets and wells offered the only true water supply for protection. There was little or no money to spend on equipment, so the first months were spent discussing what could be done to provide fire protection. Eventually, twelve fire extinguishers were purchased, which were picked up the members when there was a fire. The town then installed eighteen large metal rings, which were placed throughout the town. Read more about fire department history.

First Aid Squad

History of Livingston First Aid Squad

First aid training has always been considered essential for the personnel of the Fire Department. About 63 years ago it was felt that the first aid knowledge of the firemen could be put to better advantage and more practical use by providing a Community Ambulance Service. It was then that the Fire Department decided to purchase an ambulance and through the proceeds derived from several carnivals, bingo games, and raffles, sufficient money was raised and the purchase of the first ambulance was made in 1937. A “Rescue Squad” was organized to perform first aid duty and operated as a unit of the Fire Department until December of 1949. Read more about the history of the First Aid Squad.

Library Plaque

History of Livingston Public Library

In 1911, six local women - Minnie Collins Ashby, Edith DeCamp, Gertrude Halsey, Ada Vincent, Mrs. Robert DeCamp and Emily Ashby - formed a social and literary club whose members took turns entertaining at their homes, reading and discussing books and papers. They began a lending library that eventually became the Livingston Public Library. Descendents of the founders were present when the portrait was hung in spring 2010 - Morgan, Sayer and Melisande Collins, and John P. Collins and his wife Robin. Read more about the history of the library.

Public Schools Logo

 Livingston Public Schools

The year was 1898. Livingston, which then boasted a total population of approximately 1,100 residents, had four schools and seven teachers. The budget was $1,800, an amount which seems infinitesimal compared with the nearly $1,500,000 required in 1955. Then, as now, there were students to be educated. Citizens who were alert to the students’ needs, led by Benjamin De Camp, then president of the Board of Education, Pell T. Collins and Marcus De Camp, members of the Board of Education, and Sidney Winans, the district clerk, worked successfully for a local high school. Learn more about public schools (PDF).

Old Force Homestead Sign
Historical Home

Livingston Historical Society

  • Founded 1963
  • Headquarters:
    Force Homestead
    366 South Livingston Avenue
    Livingston, NJ 07039

The Livingston Historical Society aims to foster wide appreciation of the development of our community from its earliest days. We strive to discover, collect, preserve, publish and exhibit materials illustrating the history of the area. Our monthly meetings frequently include addresses by specialists on topics of local interest and are open to the enjoyment of members and their guests. The Society has restored and maintains the Force Homestead, around which the programs of the Society are centered. View more about the society.

Ely Cemetary

Historic Ely Cemetery

The members of the Livingston Historical Society invite the public to visit the Historical Ely Cemetery on either Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day, between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Read more about Ely Cemetery.