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May 26

Shining Stars Program

Posted on May 26, 2023 at 10:34 AM by Nancy Verniero

We are lucky to call Livingston home. We are lucky to be surrounded by a diverse group of residents with different ideas and abilities. We are all stronger because of the Livingston community and all it offers. SYLS Livingston celebrates all our residents and creates programming to support their needs.  We are proud to offer adaptive programming through our Shining Stars Program, for our residents with different needs and encourage you to come out and experience some of the programs yourself!

One of the programs we offer through the Shining Stars Program, is adaptive swimming in the summer months.  Every Sunday from 10-11:00 am, from June 25 - August 6th we offer a free, open swim for people with special needs.  Haines Pool offers a chance for those with special needs, and their family members, to our open swim. Pre-registration is required, however pool membership is not required and non-residents are welcome. Haines Pool offers chair lifts, stairs and railings to make it easy for those with special needs to have access to the pool. This open swim time is designed to provide those with special healthcare needs with a positive experience in the water, promote water safety, and provide an opportunity for physical activity and social interaction. For more information and to register for our Adaptive Swim Program, click here.

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Sports play such a big role for kids growing up. And at SYLS Livingston we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play! Our Shining Stars Sports League offers a great opportunity for your special needs individual to experience a different sport each season. We offer soccer and running club in the Fall, basketball and floor hockey in the Winter and t-ball in the Spring. The programs are for anyone 4 and older and focus on teaching the basics of the sport.  There is non-competitive clinic style instruction along with a chance at a competitive game at the end of the season. The program uses modified equipment, game play and rules to enhance the participants' experience. We know there are so many benefits in learning and playing sports, including setting individual goals, working hard to improve your abilities, developing friendships, being a supportive team member, overcoming disappointment and providing an opportunity for physical activity.  And not to mention, it’s fun! Come join our Shining Stars Sports League, we would love to have you! To learn more, visit our website and view our flyer.

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Throughout the school year, from September to June, Shining Stars Recreation offers classes after school. There is a class for everyone!  From art therapy to music and movement to cooking to gym games to Lego building and more, you are sure to find something! Students benefit from these quality after-school programs, with those who participate having elevated self esteem, enhanced positive behavior, improved social competence, improved school attendance and greater aspirations. And maybe most importantly, these programs offer those with special needs a genuine feeling of belonging. Find out more here on all the programs Shining Stars Recreation offers and come join us!

SYLS Livingston understands, appreciates and celebrates Livingston and all of our residents. We want to provide opportunities for our residents to learn, grow, socialize and get moving! Our special needs residents play a crucial role in our community and we want them to have access to programs that they enjoy, help them grow and learn and make them feel appreciated. We hope we have spiked your interest in one, or a few, programs we offer through our Shining Stars Program. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Quirk, our Adaptive Recreation Coordinator at 973-535-7925 ext. 403 or