What is Rave Alert/Smart911?

Rave Alert

Rave Alert is the leading *FedRAMP-authorized mass alert system enabling governments, organizations, institutions and schools to quickly and reliably send information and emergency alerts via phone call, email and text message.

*Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program

Smart 911

Rave Alert is integrated with the Smart911 system in which residents can provide key information into the secure system. In an agency utilizing the Smart911 system, when a 9-1-1 call is received for someone at the address needing emergency medical care, first responders will already have important information when they arrive. 

You can utilize the Rave Alert system without the Smart911 system.


Not all alerts are sent through all categories and delivery methods. In order to receive the latest and most up-to-date information, residents are urged to opt in for all three types of message delivery systems: 

  • phone calls, 
  • emails and 
  • text messages.

Note: The information within the Rave Mobile Safety system is used only for the purpose of these types of alerts. It is not shared or sold or made available for use by outside individuals or entities.

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