How do I pay my ticket?

Find the amount of your ticket by looking at the back of your ticket.

If your ticket is checked “Court Appearance Required” or the penalty amount is not listed on the statewide or local violations bureau schedules, you must appear in Court on the date listed on the complaint.

Make payments:

  • in person at the Violations window using cash, check, money order or credit card (no Amex)
    • 357 S. Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039
  • by mail using check or money order (do not send cash in the mail)
    • make checks or money orders payable to "Livingston Municipal Court" and mail to Livingston Municipal Court, 357 S. Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039
  • online at (Livingston court code is 0710)

To plea and resolve your traffic/parking ticket or other Municipal Court complaint online:

  • log into and enter your ticket information and select one of the following options:
    • Request a Plea Offer from the Prosecutor: ask the municipal prosecutor to review your request to consider a lesser charge in your case
    • Plead Not Guilty or Guilty: enter a plea with your reasons for the judge to consider a Not Guilty finding, or enter a plea of Guilty for non-payable tickets
    • eFile Service Options: upload documents, request court records or contact the court for an adjournment

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