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Do Not Knock Complaint

  1. Use this form to report an incident where a solicitor has ignored your “Do Not Knock” decal, and/or has displayed behavior toward you that you believe was threatening, abusive, or overly aggressive.
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  6. Secondary Contact Method
  7. Did you call the Police?*
  8. If yes, did you make a Police Report?
  9. Were there any other witnesses to the incident?*
  10. Reminders:
    1. Call the Livingston Police Department at 973-992-3000 to report the incident while the solicitor is still at your residence.
  11. 2. Dial 9-1-1 if the solicitor is threatening you in any way.
  12. The LPD encourages residents to call every time an incident occurs so they can arrive on scene quickly, handle the situation, and issue a summons, if appropriate.
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