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Metal Collection Request

  1. Metal Collection Guidelines
    1. Metal recycling pickup includes air conditioners, metal dehumidifiers, basketball hoops, emptied helium tanks, and refrigerators. **Refrigerator doors must be removed before being left out for pickup.**
  2. 2. Register up until 12:00 PM on any Thursday for Metal Collection the next day, Friday.
    Metal items will be picked up every Friday other than holidays or severe weather events.
  3. 3. Items must be placed at the curb the night before pickup. Township staff cannot retrieve items from the house/garage/yard.
  4. Other Forms of Recycling
    1. ELECTRONICS (LIKE TVs) ARE NOT METAL. They must be disposed of at an Electronics Recycling Event.
  5. 2. Paper and commingled items are collected by Waste Industries, which can be contacted at 908-436-1966.
  6. Next Metal Collection Date:

    NEXT PICKUP 10/01/2021

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