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Adopt-A-Hydrant Program

  1. We can always use the help!
    When you adopt a hydrant, you volunteer to keep it cleared off so firefighters can find it easily in an emergency. Snow, grass, weeds, and garbage/recycling can make hydrants hard to see. When it snows, clear 3 feet of snow from around the hydrant, and clear a path to the street. Leaking hydrants can freeze -- check the hydrant for leaks and report them right away to the Department of Public Works.
  2. You'll get an Adoption Certificate from Livingston Township that shows your name and the location of the hydrant you adopt!
  3. Dear Firefighters,
    I want to help the Fire Department protect lives and property by adopting a fire hydrant located on:
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  5. A Special Note
    Adopt-A-Hydrant is a volunteer program. You will have no liabilities or responsibilities other than those listed in the brochure. Thank you! We appreciate your support!
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  7. Livingston Fire Department
    62 S. Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039 | 973-992-2373
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  9. Livingston Department of Public Works
    357 S. Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039 | 973-535-7951
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